Participants must arrive on time for the opening ceremony and must be present throughout the course until the closing ceremony. The regional representatives will ensure flights are booked accordingly.


All educational sessions, trips and activities and any other slots on the timetable must be attended punctually and attendance records will be taken for each of them. 


Inside the gender segregated dorms, decent and respectful clothing is expected.

Outside the dorms,

Brothers will be expected to wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers.

Sisters will be expected to wear dark coloured scarf, black abaya, socks and Iranian/Arab chador, as well as no make-up. Participants will be contacted prior to the course and offered the chance to pre-order Iranian/Arab chadors.

Note: Temperatures can go below zero degrees Celsius at times during the winter, and thus it is important for participants to bring warm clothes. In addition, hiking, indoors sports as well as swimming sessions may be organised, for which participants need to bring suitable clothing and shoes.


Participants are allowed to bring their phones on the course and internet facilities will also be made available for them (as explained later).

However the usage of mobile phones during all forms of educational sessions,  trips and activities is not permissible, as well as after midnight (except for exceptional circumstances)..


Participants will be provided a local sim with a data package for personal internet usage. The data package has a set amount of internet, if completed participants can purchase top-up to continue using the internet. Wifi is also available (with a small fee) at the lobby of our accommodation facility in Qom.


The course will facilitate on site currency change at the local market rate of the day. 


Any medical emergency that may come up will be catered to by our team. Whilst standard expenses incurred will be covered by the course, exceptional costs will be discussed with the participants or their parents. 

Participants are requested to bring medications which they frequently use. Nonetheless, local pharmacies are equipped with all the necessary medications in case of emergency.


Some participants may like to meet family or friends during the course. Family visiting slots will be arranged, in which family and close friends can come to visit participants at the accommodation facility in Qom. Visiting participants outside of these slots will require special approval.


The course covers all three meals, plenty of healthy snacks and 24 hour tea/coffee availability. Therefore, we strongly advise participants not to bring too many snacks with them. The course is very intensive, and past experience has shown that an unbalanced and/or unhealthy diet has led to illness and weakness failing therefore to benefit from the course.