The major part of the intensive short course is held in the city of Qum, in a youth accommodation with excellent classroom, sports and catering facilities. Alongside their classes, participants will get to visit different places and personalities, play sports and socialise with fellow students and mentors. The last few days of the course will take place in the holy city of Mashhad, where the participants will be accompanied by a number of mentors and teachers, a further opportunity to profit from the presence of Hawzah students and benefit from their knowledge through classes and discussions.

Alongside the intellectual aspect of the course, the participants will benefit from the spirituality of doing ziarah both in Qum and Mashhad. The ziarah of the 8th Holy Imam (a) at the end of the course will be a great way to end a journey of knowledge and spirituality by making a covenant with the Imam to start our life afresh under the teachings of the Quran and the Ahlul Bayt. Throughout the course, participants will also be taught the main principles of Islamic spirituality, in light of the teaching of the Ahlul Bayt, through the words of great and known spiritual teachers.

Classes and Workshops

Classes and workshops are fundamental for your learning, and we have been blessed to have some very experienced teachers and studious students from the Hawzah who will share their knowledge in a very interactive and proficient manner.

Classes are divided into 6 topics as follows:

  1. Theology (Aqaid) – Reassess your beliefs and worldview;
  2. Ethics (Akhlaq) – Learn how to progress spirituality and become a better person in light of Islamic teachings;
  3. Jurisprudence (Ahkam) – Study important and relevant topics in Islamic rulings;
  4. Uns with the Quran – Find out how to get closer to the Divine Book;
  5. Workshops – Practically learn various skills in social interaction, leadership and project management;
  6. Gender specific classes – Discuss gender-specific issues.
Group Discussions

Sitting in an informal circle for discussion is an excellent opportunity to summarise class content in your own words, as well as challenge, question and clarify any misconceptions. Similarly, debriefing sessions after field trips will help you to maximize your experience and be able to analyse your learning.

Mubahatha, is a common practice in the Hawza, whereby students get together in the afternoons to engage in passionate discussions, reinforcing and delving deeper into the knowledge gained in class.

During the Bab al-Ridha short course, you will also get the chance to sit with your classmates and a senior student to review your class notes, ask questions, challenge the various topics discussed, and clarify ambiguities, in a very relaxed and friendly environment. A lot of positive feedback has been given for these sessions!

Trips and Activities

Islamic lifestyle and culture is a very important aspect of a Muslim society, as it is the expression of a strong belief and worldview in the form of art, education, law, customs and morals.

Educational trips are an opportunity to visit various museums, institutions and art places, so as to experience in a very enjoyable and pleasant way, that which is taught in the classroom, guiding us towards building the Islamic lifestyle and culture. 

Visits to Scholars

Scholars are the bright light that guide the Islamic community, enrich our lives with knowledge and spirituality, playing the role of a bridge between us and the 12th holy Imam (‘a) during the occultation.

Visits to scholars are full of blessings, as well as a great source of inspiration, giving us a burst of motivation to study and work harder on the path to Allah (swt).

During the trip, you will get the chance to visit several great scholars who will share some of their knowledge and answer your questions. The chance to benefit from their vast amount of knowledge, experience and wisdom, and receive personal advice, may be a one-in-a-lifetime life-changing opportunity!


Ziarah is the renewal of the bond of wilayah between us and the special servants of Allah (swt) and thus a stepping stone towards lofty goals.

The holy city of Qum, where the course will be based, rotates around the beautiful and blessed shrine of the great Lady Fatimah Ma’sumah (‘a), for whose ziarah the believers are promised paradise.

A part of the course will also take place in the holy city of Mashhad, where you will have the exceptional opportunity to perform the Ziarah of the 8th Imam, Ali ibn Musa al-Ridha (‘a) at the biggest and one of the most splendid haram in the Shia world.

Sports and Leisure

The first step of our journey towards Allah (swt) is taken in this world, through the use of the physical body. It is therefore vital to take really good care of this important mount in order to reach the destination faster.

Sports, as well as leisure, is an excellent way to keep healthy and to refresh the body and mind so that we are much more effective in the important task of learning and seeking His (swt) proximity.