Application and Pre-Course

What does the course fee include?

The course fee INCLUDES accommodation, meals, classes, activities and all local transport but EXCLUDES visas and flights – these should be arranged individually.

Do I have to book my own flights and arrange my own visa?

Yes, you will need to book your own flights and arrange your own visa. If you need help with these then we may be able to assist you or put you in touch with a travel agent in your region. However, we recommend that you do not go ahead with these until you receive a confirmation of your place in the course first.

Is it possible to arrive a day later than the start of the course or leave a day earlier than the end of the course?

No, this is not an option. By applying you are committing to attend the full duration of the course and its activities. Once your place is confirmed we will contact you with guidelines on the arrival and departure windows so that you can book your flights accordingly. Usually, we will be able to provide accommodation from up to 24 hours before the start of the course until about 24 hours after the course ends.

Do I have to arrange my own transport to and from the airport?

Transport to and from the airport in Iran will be fully arranged. You will only need to arrange transport within your own countries.

Are there any special offers for couples?

Yes, the special offer for couples comprises of a private room for accommodation throughout the duration of the course, as opposed to a shared room between 8-12 people for those coming alone. The private room may also include other facilities and have other benefits depending on the location. There is no financial discount for couples from the course fee because the private room is considerably more costly than the standard accommodation.

Do you offer scholarships, subsidies or discounts?

We do NOT offer any set subsidy, discount, or scholarship to applicants. It is only in the case of genuine financial difficulties that we will attempt to provide financial plans with payments in installments. If we are fortunate to find donors to help reduce costs in exceptional circumstances then we shall attempt to do this but there is no guarantee.

Is it possible for us to pay a reduced cost if we arrange our own accommodation?

Accommodation is being arranged for all participants centrally for logistical reasons. If there is a genuine difficulty then please get in touch with us in advance.

How do I pay the course fees?

The procedure for paying the course fee may vary from region to region and you will be asked to get in touch with your regional coordinator in this regard once your place has been confirmed.

Is there a deposit to pay?

The course fees will include a 5% non-refundable deposit to cover for admin costs as well as other expenses in the case of cancellation.

Is my place on the course confirmed once I submit my application?

No, submitting an application does not automatically guarantee a place on the course. We therefore strongly advise that participants do not make any arrangements until they receive confirmation of their place on the course from the organisers.

If my application is successful do I have to attend the course?

Yes, by applying you are committing to attend the full duration of the course and its activities if selected. If there is a change of circumstance after applying, please get in touch immediately to discuss this.

I know someone who does not fit the necessary application requirements but is interested in the course and would really benefit from it - can he/she join?

As much as we would love for every individual to benefit from this course, the application requirements and age restrictions have been put in place since we also need to consider the dynamics of the group and ensure there is enough natural cohesion between the participants.

About the Course

Is the course held fully in Qum?

The first two weeks of the course are held in Qum with a day-trip or two to Tehran. The last few days of the course are in Mashhad.

Would you be able to provide childcare facilities for children for parents who wish to attend the course?

We cannot give a definite answer in advance, as there would be a lot of other factors to consider including how many other participants require childcare facilities. We recommend that you fill out the application form putting a note in the section about children requesting childcare and inshallah we will get back to you regarding this once the applications start getting processed.

Is there an option of attending classes only?

The course is one package and needs to be attended fully. There is no option for classes only as all the activities are linked.

Will we be able to visit the shrines in Qum and Mashhad whenever we want?

Due to the packed timetable in Qum, there will be allocated slots for visiting the haram a few times a week. However, the timetable will be a bit more flexible in Mashhad and so you will have more freedom as to when to visit the haram there inshallah.

What is a typical day of the course like?

A day in Qum would usually consist of classes in the morning, an activity or outing in the afternoon and mubahitha in the evening. But since the course is so packed with various events, a typical day is rarely a typical day! The report of last year’s course is available on the website to give an idea of the activities involved.

How are couples accommodated?

Couples will be provided special facilities and have their own rooms.