I’m so glad I made the decision of coming to Bab al Ridha, it was a life changing experience, I’d encourage everyone to come here. This course has changed my perspective at looking at every thing. Its totall worth coming here!

T.A. – KenyaBab al-Ridha 3 participant

A fun but very intensive course

A – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 3 Participant

This is the best winter camp. It has all the needs of a Muslim person. I am very proud that I applied in this course.

M.M. – TorontoBab al-Ridha 3 Participant

It is a great course, a stepping stone to change oneself. A place where one can discover themselves and reborn after return. A really life-changing and eye opener that has created a lot of awareness and made me ready to become one of the soldiers of the Mahdi (a)

R – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 3 Participant

If you really want to think outside the box, attend it.

S – TorontoBab al-Ridha 3 participant

This is a chance to be reborn

Z – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 3 Participant