It’s not a course to give you just a bunch of Hawza knowledge. More, it’ll help you prepare yourself in a way you can’t do alone, help you see the world through Islam. It will motivate you, inspire you, and provide you with the tools you need to improve spiritually

R – TorontoBab al-Ridha 4 Participant

I have never been more grateful to Allah than I am now for giving me this chance. It has opened my eyes to so many things that I’ve been in the dark about for so long. I’m a very better person than I was 3 weeks ago. If you are given this chance and you miss it, indeed you are missing out on a life changing experience. Honestly, with all my heart, I’m so thankful to them for their effort and hard work.

F. D. – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 4 Participant

On a personal level, it was a life changing experience. I learnt a lot from this camp. To mention a few the importance of a balanced life and how friends play a very important role in who we are as individuals. And not forgetting how the aqaid classes were, really made my faith strong.

F. J. – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 4 Participant

The intensive course has given me an overall view and a vision to strengthen my personality and responsibilities as a Muslim and a motivation to step forward and try and make a difference in the society at a personal level

Z.P – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 4 Participant

An amazing 3 weeks experience with mixture of lots of fun activities and serious studies. Words cannot describe how the mentors were beneficial to us.

I. B. – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 4 Participant

Bab al Ridha has been more of an experience rather than just a camp. I have made irreplaceable friends, visited amazing places and learnt new things but most of all I have become part of a growing family. The Bab al Ridha Family!

M.R – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 4 Participant