This course will bring you closer to the truth, know your surroundings, and help you understand yourself

R. D. – India

BRisc has helped me in following the path of Allah (SWT). It has made me confident that my worldview is based on reality. It will definitely quench your thirst for knowledge and questions that you have regarding your purpose.

M. S. – South Africa

The course exceeded all my expectations. It’s not only packed with lots of information but also lots of fun activities and trips that balance things out perfectly. Best of all, you get to meet new people and mentors who will be friends for life now!!

M. K. – South Africa

I was apprehensive before coming as to how much I’d be able to learn in just three weeks. However keeping in mind the practical aspects of learning, I’ve realised that it was totally worth coming here despite the sacrifices I had to make to come. The learning here is much better than at local centres as the approach is focused towards a more mature audience. The teachers are really good and I’d encourage, anyone interested in learning not only religion but how to have a good outlook on life, to definitely join this course if they can.

H. N. – UAE

Taking this course is the best decision I’ve made in my life, the knowledge, experience, life long friendships, love, and the change it brought in me doesn’t compare to anything else, I’ll forever be grateful and I ensure that you won’t regret taking this course either.

A. G. – Canada

BRisc is honestly a life changing course, it caters for everything you’d want. It’s a great way to spend your holidays because you will visit so many different places, and see so many great things. You get your ziyarat, your tourism, and a lot of amazing content from the classes too.

K. S. – Tanzania