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Who organizes Bab al-Ridha Intensive Short Courses?

The Bab al-Ridha course is independently organized by a small group of students from the Hawzah in Qum and are not affiliated to any organization or scholars. However, they do seek advice and benefit from senior scholars such as Sheikh Alidina, Sheikh Khalfan and Sheikh Kumail Rajani. The team also keeps contact with recognized spiritual teachers such as Ayatullah Tahriri, and try to keep their course in line with the advice and ideologies of these great scholars.

We are a couple who are interested to participate in the course, but we have a young child whom we cannot leave behind. Is there a possibility to accommodate for children?

Yes, we encourage parents with younger children to apply, and if we have enough requests from parents, then we will be able to accommodate for children.

What is the cost of the trip for people who want to come from countries outside of East Africa?

We have a quota for participants from countries outside of East Africa. People who wish to apply should contact us directly to get a quote of the cost for the course.

We are a couple who would like to apply and come together. Will we have an accommodation together throughout the course or will we be staying in separate locations?

We encourage couples to apply together as the knowledge they will gain will help them to work together in the path of Allah. However, for convenience sake as well as for better focus on the course, we prefer the brothers and sisters side to be separate so that they can benefit from all discussions and interactions with other fellow participants. There will of course be the opportunity to meet each other on a daily basis!

Is it possible to submit an application after the deadline?

We may extend the deadline by a few days and accept late applications, however priority will be given to applications sent within the deadline. If spaces are left after that, we may accept late applications.

Are the applications accepted on a first come, first served basis?

All applications will be evaluated and applicants will be accepted based on their eligibility for the course. In the case where the number of eligible applicants exceeds the maximum number of participants we can accommodate, we may then have to accept those who applied first.

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