Classes and workshops are fundamental for your learning, and we have been blessed to have some very experienced and studious students from the Hawza who will share their knowledge in a very interactive and proficient manner.

Classes are divided into 7 topics as follows:

  1. Theology (Aqaid) – Reassess your beliefs and worldview;

  2. Ethics (Akhlaq) – Learn how to progress spirituality and become a better person in light of the Islamic teachings

  3. Jurisprudence (Ahkam) – Study important and relevant topics in Islamic laws

  4. Islamic outlook (Basirat) – Discover the Islamic outlook on current events

  5. Uns with the Quran – Find out how to gain intimacy with the Quran

  6. Workshops – Practically learn the skills of leadership and project management

  7. Gender specific classes – Discuss gender-specific issues