This course will bring you closer to the truth, know your surroundings, and help you understand yourself

R. D. – India

BRisc has helped me in following the path of Allah (SWT). It has made me confident that my worldview is based on reality. It will definitely quench your thirst for knowledge and questions that you have regarding your purpose.

M. S. – South Africa

The course exceeded all my expectations. It’s not only packed with lots of information but also lots of fun activities and trips that balance things out perfectly. Best of all, you get to meet new people and mentors who will be friends for life now!!

M. K. – South Africa

I was apprehensive before coming as to how much I’d be able to learn in just three weeks. However keeping in mind the practical aspects of learning, I’ve realised that it was totally worth coming here despite the sacrifices I had to make to come. The learning here is much better than at local centres as the approach is focused towards a more mature audience. The teachers are really good and I’d encourage, anyone interested in learning not only religion but how to have a good outlook on life, to definitely join this course if they can.

H. N. – UAE

Taking this course is the best decision I’ve made in my life, the knowledge, experience, life long friendships, love, and the change it brought in me doesn’t compare to anything else, I’ll forever be grateful and I ensure that you won’t regret taking this course either.

A. G. – Canada

BRisc is honestly a life changing course, it caters for everything you’d want. It’s a great way to spend your holidays because you will visit so many different places, and see so many great things. You get your ziyarat, your tourism, and a lot of amazing content from the classes too.

K. S. – Tanzania

I definitely recommend this to anyone reading this! If you’re eligible, you should definitely attend this course, it has been wonderful knowing the BRisc team, how they work, and what they have taught me! The mentors are great, friendly and experienced.

A. P. – Tanzania

Has been life changing for me. It brought a whole new perspective of Islam – opened my eyes. lifted the veils. cleared my doubts. taught me new things. BRisc 6 has been one hell of an experience. i would love to do this all over again. this has been a beautiful, touching, emotional & amazing journey for me. i couldn’t be more grateful. i’d like to thank you all for this opportunity.

S. M. – Kenya

It is very educational, practical, informative as well as an enjoyable course.

S. B. – Tanzania

I came to this course with high expectations and I’m ecstatic to say that it fulfilled every one of my expectations and more. This course has changed my outlook on life and I know I’ll come back from this a changed person.
There were trips and classes I never thought I’d enjoy and yet they managed to prove me wrong.
I’d have never thought classes which had such cliché topics such as friendship and having a balanced life would have such an impact on me.
The best part of this course was by far the mentors and I hope I’ll be able to keep contact with them.
Thanks to the core team for striving hard and making this a trip to remember.

A. B. – Tanzania

Bab al Ridha gave me a new life. It made me positive that I won’t go back home as the same person I was when I came. All the classes were very beneficial for me and as much as the schedule was busy and filled with activities and classes, it was all worth it. Would definitely love to be part of BRisc 7 inshaAllah.

S. M. – Tanzania

This course was a lot better than I initially thought it would be and the quality of the classes was really good. The teachers are really articulate and inspiring and are able to present hard things in a really
memorable way. I definitely have gained from this course and will miss it

F. E

It’s not a course to give you just a bunch of Hawza knowledge. More, it’ll help you prepare yourself in a way you can’t do alone, help you see the world through Islam. It will motivate you, inspire you, and provide you with the tools you need to improve spiritually

R – TorontoBab al-Ridha 4 Participant

I have never been more grateful to Allah than I am now for giving me this chance. It has opened my eyes to so many things that I’ve been in the dark about for so long. I’m a very better person than I was 3 weeks ago. If you are given this chance and you miss it, indeed you are missing out on a life changing experience. Honestly, with all my heart, I’m so thankful to them for their effort and hard work.

F. D. – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 4 Participant

On a personal level, it was a life changing experience. I learnt a lot from this camp. To mention a few the importance of a balanced life and how friends play a very important role in who we are as individuals. And not forgetting how the aqaid classes were, really made my faith strong.

F. J. – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 4 Participant

The intensive course has given me an overall view and a vision to strengthen my personality and responsibilities as a Muslim and a motivation to step forward and try and make a difference in the society at a personal level

Z.P – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 4 Participant

An amazing 3 weeks experience with mixture of lots of fun activities and serious studies. Words cannot describe how the mentors were beneficial to us.

I. B. – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 4 Participant

Bab al Ridha has been more of an experience rather than just a camp. I have made irreplaceable friends, visited amazing places and learnt new things but most of all I have become part of a growing family. The Bab al Ridha Family!

M.R – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 4 Participant

I’m so glad I made the decision of coming to Bab al Ridha, it was a life changing experience, I’d encourage everyone to come here. This course has changed my perspective at looking at every thing. Its totall worth coming here!

T.A. – KenyaBab al-Ridha 3 participant

A fun but very intensive course

A – TanzaniaBab al-Ridha 3 Participant

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